Homestead A Novel Rosina Lippi

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Publisher: Mariner Books (1997)


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8 x 5.5 x 0.6 inches
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The setting for this poignant novel is Rosenau, an isolated Austrian Village, and the story encompasses generations of villagers and their intimate lives book microsoft visio download. The magic of the novel lies in the author’s ability to make the faraway seem familiar, even when it is tragic or brutal book microsoft visio download. Structured as short stories told from the viewpoints of different members of the village, the novel follows their intertwined lives from 1909 through 1977, layering story upon story to develop the village and the characters book microsoft visio download.
Lippi’s characters are nothing short of wonderful book microsoft visio download. There is, for example, Johanna, whose heart is torn between her love for Francesco–a soldier hiding in the Austrian Alps–and her sister Angelika, who hides her dependence upon Johanna behind not-so-subtle reminders of familial duty. And there is Katharina, whose impulsiveness causes her to betray her two half-brothers for a ride in a Nazi motorcar, and Stante, who proves his worth not only in the Wainwright’s workshop but also by his courage withstanding the Nazis. The character portrayals are based upon Lippi’s own experiences living in Austria for four years. You’ll hate for these stories to end.

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